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Peak Design Anchor Links V4 Camera Strap Link Quick Connector AL-4 New 2018 818373020828

Peak Design Anchor Links V4 Camera Strap Link Quick Connector AL-4 New 2018 818373020828

Peak Design Anchor Links V4 Camera Strap Link Quick Connector AL-4 New 2018 818373020828

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Got a camera neck strap that you absolutely love? The all-new Anchor Links will make it even better. Anchor Links are quick-connectors that can be placed on the ends of any standard/OEM camera neck strap, giving it super-fast, ultra secure quick-connection capability. Place the low-profile Anchors on the strap loops of your camera, binoculars, or other devices. Features all-new hardware that's been slimmed down for better performance in a smaller package. Compared to the Version 3 (or V3) Anchors which features a thinner cord that could fit directly in smaller camera eyelets, this Version 4 (or V4) Anchors now features a thick cord with angled body PD logo 1-side only. Here are the highlights of this products:


UPGRADE ANY CAMERA STRAP - Works with any standard camera strap with ends up to 12 mm wide, from your brand new OEM strap to your Dad's vintage leather strap he used in college. UPDATED ANCHORS - Comes with the newest Anchor connectors, which hold 200lbs (90kg) each. SLIMMER LINKS - Anchor housing hardware is 25% slimmer. POP-IN, POP-OUT ACTION - Want a strap? Pop it in. Don't? Pop it out. No more fussing with annoying traditional strap attachments. Enjoy the quickness of the Anchor Link connection system with your very own camera strap. SMALL FOOTPRINT - The lightweight thermoplastic-overmolded Anchor disks are smaller than a penny and will never scratch your camera body. They're tiny in comparison to other strap quick-connection systems that use nylon buckles. SUPER STRONG - Strong enough to hold any pro camera/lens/accessory combo. Anchors each hold over 200lbs (90kg) and feature extreme abrasion-resistance. COMPATIBLE WITH PD GEAR - Anchor Links are the same connection system used on all Peak Design straps, pouches, and even the key tethers on our bags. Anchors can also attach to any Peak Design tripod plate.


Item Specifics
Brand :Peak Design
MPN :Quick-Connecting-Release-Buckle-Neck-Shoulder-Sling-Strap
EAN :818373020828
Model :AL-4
Type :Anchor Links
Compatibility :Works with straps up to 0.5" / 12mm wide
Country/Region of Manufacture :China

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